One Year of the Local Gay Agenda

March 9th, 2011

Inspired by the one year anniversary today of the first same-sex marriage in DC, and by Same-sex couples drive doubling of wedding licenses and Pr. George’s pastors step up fight against gay nuptials bill (Washington Post 3/09/11).

 “At least as many same-sex couples as heterosexual couples – and possibly more – appear to have applied for marriage licenses since gay marriage was legalized in the city last March.” – Washington Post
“The Bible says [homosexuality] is an abomination before God. God created the institution of marriage and made marriage between a man and a woman.” — Bishop Paul Wells of the Capitol Heights MD New Revival Kingdom Church


Gay marriages in DC may have outnumbered straight ones last year,

Which means “traditional” marriage will soon disappear.

At this rate, married gays will outnumber straights in just a few years,

Thus realizing gay activisits’ secret plan, and opponents’ fears.

Soon, gays will be the only ones the State allows

To take state-sanctioned wedding vows.

In the meantime, Maryland moves forward on marriage equality legislation,

Which PG pastors think is a sinful abomination.

Do you think it’s a joke? Before you start to laugh,

Take a look at the cross in that photograph.

Doesn’t it look like it’s upside down,

With the top of the cross pointing down?

Isn’t that proof that gay marriage is satanic?

If you’re religious, it’s time to panic!

OK, OK, so I’m kidding

I don’t think gays are doing Satan’s bidding.

Some Christians (not all, since beliefs are varied)

See evil in allowing gays to get married.

But gays aren’t trying to subvert marriage,

Or that august institution in any way disparage.

If anything, they’re paying it a compliment,

By allowing all their commitment with a ring to represent.

So congratulations, DC, on equality’s one year anniversary

(BTW, all those first year gay weddings were just the initial flurry).

And Maryland: I hope you’ll join the fold

Before marriage equality gets another year old.


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