One of the Herd (or, Complete the Danged Fence)

May 10th, 2010

Group-think seems to have erstwhile moderates infected.

It’s amazing what some people will do to get reelected.

It’s not a good political time for an incumbent,

So McCain has decided, himself to reinvent.

Mavericks are in particular peril,

And McCain’s record has had him over a barrel.

(If you want support from the Teabagger crowd,

Dissenting views aren’t allowed.)

Forgive me, Senator, but I thought you had more character.

As it turns out, you’re just a good actor.

You were against the fence and now you’re for it?

You opposed what the Tea Party stands for and now you adore it?

“The plan’s perfect,” said the sheriff. “It’ll work this time.”

“Just complete the dang fence,” said McCain (not against it this time).

(Of course, they had to bring in a sheriff from across the state,

Because the real local sheriff thinks the fence more problems will create.)

“Senator, you’re one of us,” the faux sheriff said.

Remember when McCain used to tout his independence instead?

McCain said he never was a maverick, in case you hadn’t heard.

And now he has proven that he’s just one of the herd.


Here’s Hardball’s 5/10/10 report on the new McCain ad.

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Here’s your background music, the theme song from the old James Garner TV show Maverick (or check out the George Thorogood version from the CD of the same name), remade in 1994 starring Mel Gibson (with James Garner relinquishing his old role to Mel, but co-starring as the sheriff).

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