One More Week

January 14th, 2011

Inspired by House sets stage for health-care repeal vote (Washington Post 1/08/10) and House GOP to launch health-care repeal effort (Washington Post 1/14/11).

House Repubs spent last week, to repeal healthcare preparing,

But doing that this week as planned would have seemed uncaring.

They decided to put it off until sometime next week,

When Repubs their long-awaited revenge will wreak.

Speaker Boehner, here’s my humble suggestion,

Which I’ll respectfully phrase in the form of a question:

How about just one more week’s pause

Before you continue your holy cause?

As a liberal blogger, I’d just as soon you go ahead right away,

Beause that gives me another bad thing about Repubs to say.

I’d then happily write about how that proves your efforts to be more civil

Was nothing more than empty GOP drivel.

But as an American, I think the country would be better off

If House Republicans put the repeal vote off.

Waiting would allow the President’s State of the Union address

To focus on bipartisan ways, the country’s problems to address.

For you, it would also be politically smart

Not to be the one, partisanship so soon to restart.

But more importantly, if we honor the dead and reflect a little longer,

Our country might emerge from this tragedy a little stronger.

And by the way, Speaker Boehner, please change your repeal bill’s name:

We don’t need more talk about killing, all the same.


Here’s Hardball’s 1/14/11 panel discussion on the House GOP plan to repeal healthcare reform.


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