Older and Colder

February 8th, 2011

Inspired by A warming planet can cause a brutal, chilling winter (Washington Post 2/08/11), which explains why global warming can make winters colder and more snowy.

They say that the average age in America is getting older

And that global warming can make the winters colder.

But look at me – I’m younger than you.

Therefore what you say about average ages can’t be true.

And what you say about global warming making it cold must be a lie,

Though I really can’t explain why.

I prefer things simple and undemanding

And deny what I have a hard time understanding.

Things I don’t comprehend must be rejected

So that my fragile ego can be protected.

Science, like politics, should be uncomplicated.

That way, my self worth can be validated.

It’s impossible to believe something that just seems strange.

And that’s why I don’t believe in climate change.

And about that aging US population,

I’ll believe that when I see it on Fox Nation.

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