Old Spice Man?

July 25th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier pieces, Gender Blender and Triclosan (this is an updated/expanded version of the latter), inspired by FDA raises safety concerns on triclosan, widely used in home products (Washington Post 4/08/10), A new source of dioxins, the antimicrobial soap additive Triclosan (Ear To The Ground 7/06/10), Damaging Ingredients in Old Spice (Care2 Healthy & Green Living 7/24/10), and Antibacterial products: More risk than benefit? (FWDailyNews.com 7/25/10). 

“We believe the science strongly supports the safety and efficacy of these products.” –Brian Sansoni of the Soap and Detergent Association, a major triclosan user
“It’s in our drinking water, it’s in our rivers and as a result it’s in our bodies… It clearly is something that creates a danger.” – Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA), who has been pushing regulators to restrict use of triclosan and other dangerous chemicals
“The FDA…has been working for 38 years to establish the rules for use of triclosan but has not completed the task.” — Washington Post 4/08/10 (and they’re still not done…)

There should be a ban

On triclosan.

It’s used in antibacterial products and hand sanitizing gel,

Even though testing shows that soap and water work just as well.

And something must be amiss

When it’s found in 75% of our piss.

Triclosan is an endocrine disruptor

Which makes it a powerful reproductive system corruptor.

What that means

Is that it affects our genes.

Scientists know what a serious risk it embodies

When these chemicals accumulate in our bodies.

Endocrine disruptors have many negative effects,

Including, unfortunately, birth defects.

What’s more, fish that swim at contaminated sites

Often turn into hermaphrodites.

It’s even an ingredient in Old Spice

(You may grow female organs, but at least you’ll smell nice).

So for you right-wingers worried about unnatural sexual orientation,

Here’s a problem that’s not just in your imagination.

So Mr. Sansoni:

Enough with the baloney.

Congressman Markey:

Don’t put up with their malarkey.

And Food and Drug Administration:

Finish that damn regulation!


Like the commercial says, you want your man to smell like Old Spice and not a lady, but the Triclosan in Old Spice may give him lady parts…

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2 Responses to “Old Spice Man?”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I love this guy… he’s SO gorgeous – even more so now that he’s vegan!
    P&G tests on animals though, so no way would I buy Old Spice.

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