Oh Happy Day

March 4th, 2010

A follow-up to A New Day, inspired by Wedding bells sound climax of long fight and For gays, a D.C. day to treasure (Washington Post 3/04/10).

I know there’s still a lot more work to do

And in most of the country, gays are still separate (and unequal too).

But if you are a local gay

Yesterday was indeed a happy day.

There national symbolism is not small.

DC is the Nation’s capital, after all.

It’s kind of like in the Olympics for gays

When the flag goes and National Anthem plays.

As a DC resident, it’s nice to have positive press for a change

(DC is otherwise often depicted as evil, or at least strange).

Some will take yesterday as more evidence therefore,

But I don’t care what they think anymore.

A propos, a small group of protesters appeared at the Court House

To show their opposition to the same-sex spouse.

The carried “Mourn for your sins” protest signs

In support of whatever it is that marriage equality undermines.

But they didn’t dampen the happy spirit

(Though they tried to commandeer it).

A joyous atmosphere prevailed

That could not by the likes of them be derailed.

Today is a day for happy reflection,

And gladness over a wrong’s correction.

Tomorrow, the war goes on,

But yesterday, a battle was won.


Here’s MetroWeekly’s report on the proceedings yesterday.

Here’s your theme music for today, Oh Happy Day by the Edwin Hawkins Singers. The part about washing away sins doesn’t really apply to this situation, except in the sense that what government once held criminal and society defined as a sin (which large but decreasing numbers of people still do) is now accorded equality and legal protection in the Nation’s capital. But for capturing pure joy, I think this song is unparalleled (it’s also one of my favorites). And the religious connection is also valid, since Christians weren’t only on the anti-equality side: a coalition of nearly 200 religious leaders, DC Clergy United for Marriage Equality (led by the co-pastors at Covenant Baptist Church, a black congregation in Ward 8) joined the fight for marriage equality.

Here’s Bob Dylan’s Forever Young (one of my favorite Dylan songs, from the Planet Waves CD), in honor of Angelisa Young–she and Sinjoyla Townsend were the first gay couple to receive a DC marriage license, and now their names will live forever in the annals of DC gay history. The pictures are from Dylan’s illustrated book of the same name. Both the book and song address themes of social justice, being righteous, treating people with love and respect, and following one’s dreams—all appropriate themes for yesterday. Check out all of it in our Amazon store, or download the music for free with the free Real SuperPass trial offer.

Sinjoyla, this one is in your honor: Let My Love Open the Door by the renowned and awesome Pete Townshend (sorry, I couldn’t find any Sinjoyla-related songs) about the transformative power of love. And by the way, I like that you have “joy” written right there in your name (no need to say anything about the “sin”).

And here’s another Dylan song, Angelina (instead of Angelisa, but if you squint with your ears they kind of sound the same). I know, it’s an extremely tenuous connection, but this is one of my favorite Dylan songs, so I just had to fit it in.

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