Oh Don’t You Stay

August 12th, 2010

Still waiting for the decision today…

Judge Walker: don’t allow that stay.

Prop 8 supporters are by marriage equality alarmed,

But have not demonstrated how they’d be harmed.

The plaintiffs and others whom Prop 8 attacked

Will be damaged in a way much less abstract.

If the ruling is stayed, those plaintiffs, on the contrary,

Will continue to be denied their equal right to marry.

Judge Walker, your ruling has made our liberty stronger,

So don’t let this inequality stay even just a little bit longer.


Here’s your theme music for today, Stay by Jackson Browne from the album Running on Empty. It’s set to begin at the “Won’t You Stay” part (mentally substitute “Don’t You Stay” for that), but you can restart it at the beginning if you want to listen to the whole song.


Breaking news update: Read Hip Hip Hooray, There’s (Basically) No Stay for the result.

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