Offending the Constitution

January 14th, 2011

As reported in Mary Fallin Suffers Constitution Oath Fail At Swearing-In Ceremony (Huffington Post 1/13/11), Republican Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin promises to “offend” the Constitution.

Another Republican makes an unintentional gaffe,

But this time, it’s more than just a passing laugh.

Could Gov. Fallin’s startling admission

Represent the GOP’s true ambition?

Sure, they talk about how much they love the Constitution,

But their actions would bring about it’s diminution.

They claim they’re the only ones that defend it,

While constantly trying to fundamentally amend it.

They claim it’s original intent to assert,

While constantly that intent trying to subvert.

Instead, they look back with adoration

To the weak federal government of the Articles of Confederation.

Does Gov. Fallin’s honesty her shrewdness outstrip?

In psychology, that’s called a Freudian slip.


Here’s Hardball’s 1/14/11 report.

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