Ode to the Book

December 21st, 2009

Inspired by the Kindle — buy it on Amazon today! But they’re apparently a very popular item, so order fast!

Is the book dead?

Will we all soon be using Kindles instead?

I know this is shameless product placement

But I’m in need of income replacement

(Unfortunately, that’s a problem widespread).

There are some things Kindles lack,

But they certainly are much more compact.

Though it may seem outrageous,

One Kindle can hold 1500 books (~300K pages),

And that’s a pretty big stack.

Kindles also have an environmental benefit

Since they the cutting down of trees omit.

You also don’t have to truck the books around

All over town,

You just download them off the internet.

Of course, Kindles use electric power

(Just a few watts per hour).

That causes pollution,

So a better solution

Would be to make Kindles that run on solar power.

I used to read books on my old Palm Pilot.

It broke and I was going to get a new one, but never got around to buy it.

Instead I switched to a smart phone

And in that I’m probably not alone—

There are many things on which I rely it.

My guess is devices like that are the Kindle’s competition,

So if you’re making a decision

On whether to buy a Kindle (it’s still a fairly high price)

Or a multi-function device,

I personally don’t have a strong position.

Kindle does have an advantage over smart phones

(Like the iPhone and other similar clones):

The Kindle holds a charge for a week and has a bigger screen,

And the battery lasts longer than a cellphone, which makes it more green.

(Then again, a cellphone is something that everyone already owns.)

But there’s still something about a good book—

The feel, the smell, the look.

I’d hate to see that go away

If the book disappears some day,

And the electronic word the printed one overtook.

I know the publishing industry’s vexed

And about the road forward uncertain and perplexed.

Maybe the Kindle

Will help them avoid further revenue dwindle

(After all, it would let them put ads in the text).

I know this wasn’t a very good advertisement,

But I didn’t want my views to misrepresent.

If you buy a Kindle anyway

Please buy from our store today

So I can still get my 4 percent.

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