Ode to Al

September 8th, 2009

Inspired by video clip (attached below) of Al talking down and “angry mob” at a county fair on the subject of healthcare reform.

Al Franken:

The Right said you were a far left wacko

But I read your books and heard your show

So I already knew that wasn’t so.


The right wing said you weren’t serious,

That your background in humor would be deleterious.

They didn’t think that it was fitting

For a comic in a Senator’s seat to be sitting.


Of course that doesn’t mean Senators aren’t funny

But it’s mostly it’s when they’re not meaning to be.

If anyone doubts just check out ex Senator Stevens on Youtube

(on the internet — you know, that system of tubes).


I thought your predecessor was quite funny too.

During the election he criticized you.

You should withdrawal so there’s closure, he said.

But it turns out he just thought that when he was ahead.

When he fell behind

He didn’t mind

That Minnesota didn’t have a Senator

For a long time.


So now you’re in the Senate at last

But the Right continues to harass.

They say you’re not qualified

And can’t be mollified.

We seemed to be at an impasse.


But anyone who doesn’t think you belong there

Should watch that video of you at the fair

Talking policy to that angry mob

(as a Senator, that’s your job).


A crowd like that is pretty tough

But noone can say you didn’t know your stuff.

You won them over and kept your cool

While taking those teabaggers to school.


They gave you rage, you gave them reason

and proved that Liberalism isn’t treason.

Your technique was to calm rather than provoke.

And you did it without a single joke.


Now all those critics are proven wrong

(I knew that wouldn’t take long).

I think the Right should change their song.

The Senate IS where you belong.


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