October Revolution

October 25th, 2009

Inspired by “Czar trouble” (Washington Post 10/23/09) and  “Obama’s Many Policy Czars Draw Ire from Conservatives” (Washington Post 9/16/09).


Republicans are czar crazy,

But on the facts… hazy.


The echo chamber complains

That czars are running the Nation

They won’t testify before Congress

And aren’t subject to Senate confirmation.


In fact, of Obama’s 32 czars

Nine are subject to Senate confirmation

And 15 of their positions existed

In a previous administration.


16 have already testified before Congress,

And so I must confess

I don’t understand

What it is Republicans demand.


92 years ago today Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace,

A day about which all we Liberal Commies like to reminisce.

But it wasn’t the Czars they deposed

When the Bolsheviks Communist rule imposed.


No, the Czars had been overthrown eight months before

And weren’t in power any more.

The Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Provisional Government, you see,

Which had been Russia’s first step towards democracy.


Similarly, Republicans and Teabaggers complain about Obama’s czars

As if the Russian ones weren’t even nearly as bad as ours.

But what they’re really trying to create

Is revolution against the democratically elected government of November 2008.


Like the Bolsheviks, the GOP and Teabaggers don’t like how things turned out

And blame not being conservative enough for the GOP’s ignominious route.

But if you don’t like how things turned out eight (or in this case nine) months before,

Then like the Bolsheviks, just start a Civil War!


The Bolsheviks (like the GOP and Teabaggers) were in the minority,

And decided it was in their interest to dispense with democracy.

Many of GOP and Teabagger tactics seem to have the same goal.

But what the heck, it’s worth it to get back in control.


The Bolsheviks also specialized in personal attacks

And made extensive use of manufactured facts.

They manipulated the common people for their own ends,

With internal purges to maintain purity and eliminate erstwhile friends.


Sound familiar? It does to me too.

It reminds me of our own revolutionary movement and their attempted far right-wing coup.

Who would have guessed Bolsheviks and Republicans had so much in common?

It’s as if the GOP handbook had been written by Lenin!


No, the real Czarist government is not Obama’s,

Which is nowhere near as autocratic as the prior one was.

The real Czarist government was George Bush II

(After all, Bush had 46 “czars” compared to Obama’s 32).


And who are the Bolsheviks’ modern day heir apparent,

With deceitful tactics and methods transparent,

Who’ll do anything for power and scorn democracy?

You guessed it: Tea Party “Patriots” and the GOP.

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