Obsession (or, Superman Returns)

April 12th, 2010

Inspired by Steele urges Republicans to not let errors be distractions (Washington Post 4/11/10). 

“A lot of people are coming to grips with the whole new reality of Obama on the left and Steele on the right.” – Michael Steele in interview with Sean Hannity during Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans
 “I’ll tell you how to get our country back, folks. Fire Nancy Pelosi. And I’ll tell you how to repeal and replace the government-run health care they just put on us. Fire Harry Reid.” — Steele’s speech to SRLC
“I’m the first here to admit I’ve made mistakes… It’s been incumbent on me to take responsibility, shoulder that burden, make the necessary changes and move on.” – What Steele said in his SRLC speech
“I’m the last to admit I’ve made mistakes, and here is the first time I’m admitting that… It’s been incumbent on me to take responsibility (though I haven’t done that until my current tepid admission), shoulder that burden (metaphorically, of course—the actual burden has been shouldered by the staffers I fired, and by the GOP as a whole), make the changes I think necessary (though not necessarily the ones others do), and try to get everyone else to move on (which I’ve been dying to do ever since this whole mess started).” – What Steele meant in his SRLC speech
“A word of warning to RNC staffers. You may want to stay away from Bourbon Street.” – Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in his speech to conference attendees

The Man of Steele has returned to the spotlight

With a speech at the SRLC on Sunday night.

Michael, people have been saying you have a fixation

That you’re the leader of the Nation

(Or at least that you think you preside

Over the country’s Republican side).

Now, you confirm that they’ve all been right

With your comment “Obama on the left and Steele on the right.”

You talk like you’re the shadow president,

And possible future White House resident.

But this “whole new reality” exists only in your imagination:

The GOP won’t let you lead their imaginary nation.

You see, they’re not “coming to grips” with this mirror world you see

And their world doesn’t fit with what you want to be.

In one way, your Obama analogy makes sense—

You’re the opposite of all he represents.

Similarly, Lex Luther thought himself more than Obama’s equal

(Watch the scene below from the Superman sequel).

But Mr. Chairman, I’ve seen Obama (just on TV),

And you’re not him, it’s plain to see.

But there is one president for whom you that analogy could push.

I’m speaking, of course, of George W. Bush.

As I’ve described in the past few days,

You’re like Bush in several ways.

You share both his management ability,

And his willingness to take responsibility.

You also seem to share Bush’s ability to survive,

If only due to the difficulty of replacement that keeps you alive.

Will you? Barring more disasters, it looks like you might.

But I still think you’re kryptonite.

I would never have brought up this Superman pun

If riffing on your name weren’t so much  fun.

But you as Lex Luther actually makes the Superman analogy more fitting,

Especially given the political crimes that you’ve been committing.

And like Luther, you’re convinced you’ve found the Dems’ weakness,

And you can lead its exploitation, thanks to your GOP uniqueness.

You were just saying that your skin color makes the bar higher.

Now you say it’s why you should leading the anti-Obama choir?


Here’s Sean Hannity’s interview with Michael Steele in New Orleans.

Here’s Michael Steele’s speech.

Here’s your theme music, Every Breath You Take by The Police. (Obsession is a dangerous thing.)

And in a repeat performance, here’s another appropriate song, Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, combined with scenes from Superman Returns (partial inspiration for our title).

Here’s another kyrptonite scene from the Christopher Reeve Superman series (also check out the Adventures of Superman and Superman animated series in our Amazon store.)

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