Obama’s Wrong (or, That Was the Theory)

October 1st, 2010

“For the last decade, the Republicans in Washington subscribed to a very simple philosophy: you cut taxes, mostly for millionaires and billionaires. You cut regulations for special interests, whether it’s oil companies, or banks, or insurance companies. You cut back on investments in education and clean energy and research and technology. And basically the idea was that if you had blind faith in the market, if you let corporations play by their own rules, if you let everybody else fend for themselves, including young people, including the next generation, then somehow America would grow and prosper. That was the theory.” – President Obama speaking last night in DC to young Dems at DNC fundraiser (watch it below on Rachel)

I don’t often disagree the Prez,

But this time I have to refute what he says.

I hate, Mr. President, your words to discredit,

But you give the Party of No much too much credit.

You said the GOP theory is that their policies help America prosper and grow.

Whether Republicans have convinced themselves of that or not, I really don’t know.

But I don’t believe that’s why Republicans do what they do.

They do it for themselves and their base, not for me and you.

Republicans did do all those things you listed

But not for the reason you (and they) insisted.

Republicans don’t do those things because of what’s best for the Nation,

Contrary to their constantly disseminated disinformation.

They do those things because they’re good for their base–

They don’t really care about the rest of the place.

And by base, I don’t mean the values bunch

Which the GOP uses to win elections, but then drops in a crunch.

(The GOP establishment doesn’t really care about that morality stuff,

But oblige with rhetoric and a few votes, which is usually enough.)

No, by base I mean the special interests and super-rich

Whom GOP policies seek to further enrich.

Those are the ones the GOP wants to prosper and grow

And for whose interests they’re willing to the mat to go.

For the welfare of the country as a whole, the GOP is generally indifferent–

That’s how it was under Bush, and now it’s no different.

Of course, if it comes down to a choice between the rich and the rest,

The GOP instinctively does what for the former is best.

If that means sabotaging the recovery so voters want to throw out the party in charge,

They’re more than willing to do that, Congressional majorities to enlarge.

So Sorry, Mr. President – I hope you’ll issue a correction.

After all, if voters know the truth, we can still win this election.


Here’s Rachel’s 9/30/10 report, including the video clip from Obama’s speech in DC last night.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, the infamous Bush base speech.

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