Obama’s V-Day Crony Capitalism

February 14th, 2012

Inspired by Libertarians expose crony capitalism on Valentine’s Day (Libertarian National Campaign Committee 2/14/12) and President Obama’s Valentine’s Day speech. Is the President using his office to promote a potential campaign contributor with free advertising? Given the evidence, I’m surprised Republicans haven’t seized on this issue.

 “This was crony capitalism on a grand scale.” – Mitt Romney, amazingly talking about the Detroit rescue instead of Obama’s even more egregious Valentine’s Day cronyism
 “Let me start with a quick public service announcement for all the gentlemen out there: Today is Valentine’s Day. Do not forget (I speak from experience here). It is important that you remember this. And go big—that’s my advice.” — President Obama Valentine’s Day speech



Obama’s “crony capitalism” has been so controversial,

So why haven’t Republicans attacked his V-Day commercial?


The evidence here is powerful:

The President broke a vital rule.


Sure, that giant bear he’s hawking may be cute,

But it plunges the Presidency into disrepute.


This is the greatest threat facing our nation–

Congressman Issa should start another investigation.


(It’s a much stronger case than any of his others–

Of course, Issa would prosecute Obama for breathing if he had his druthers.)


And why isn’t Romney focusing on this case instead of Detroit,

Not nearly as egregious a use of Presidential power, capitalism to exploit.


That Obama would do this on National End Crony Capitalism Day is especially galling,

And that Fox News and Breitbart haven’t noticed this is appalling.


But given the direct evidence that some law or other was breached,

Maybe this is finally the break Repubs need to get Obama impeached!


Here’s the President’s V-Day advice, followed by the Daily Show’s Moment of Zen. Jon didn’t make the connection, but isn’t is obvious that President Obama was using his office to promote the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, probably in return for campaign contributions. 


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