Obama’s Nobel

October 9th, 2009

As reported in “Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize” (Washingtonpost.com 10/09/09 2:44 pm) and President Obama’s Noble Nobel Prize (Huffington Post 10/09/09), President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He accepted it with humility and as a “call to action” (see the video below of his comments).


He didn’t bring back the Olympics

And this comes as a surprise—

But winning a Nobel

Is a nice consolation prize.


He modestly said he didn’t yet earn it,

But I’m glad he didn’t return it.

He said it was aspirational;

I think it was inspirational.


Does he deserve it? Yes, he does,

So let’s all give three cheers.

He’s accomplished more for the world in 8 months

Than Bush did in 8 years.

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