Obama’s Katrina?

June 12th, 2010

The GOP and right-wing echo chamber is trying to re-brand the BP oil spill as Obama’s Katrina – ironic that in this and other cases, they feel the most damning criticism they can make is to try to link Obama actions to previous Bush debacles (watch the Daily Show video below for more on that ). The comparison is absurd, but there is one way in which the two disasters are similar: the Gulf of Mexico spill was caused by BP, in whose hands Obama (at least initially) left the response. So was it unfair to criticize Bush for leaving Katrina’s response in God’s hands, since God was the cause of that disaster?

Republicans are saying the BP spill is Obama’s Katrina,

Trying to tarnish his response with a Bush-like patina.

And though I’m loathe to admit,

There is one way in which the analogy does fit.

The Gulf of Mexico spill was caused by BP,

In whose hands Obama left the response (at least initially).

Though we criticize Bush, all he did was the same:

He left the response in God’s hands, since God was to blame.


It’s telling that the worst criticism the GOP can make

Is to name what Obama does after a Bush mistake.

Is that their belated recognition

Of Republican contrition?


Here’s the Daily Show’s “Release the Kagan” spoof of the GOP penchant for naming Obama’s supposed failures after Bush Administration debacles.

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Release the Kagan
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