Obama’s Big Gay Speech

October 11th, 2009

Obama spoke yesterday at Human Rights Campaign’s big DC fundraiser. Watch the full video (including HRC President Joe Solmonese’s introduction) from CSPAN here, or watch it in parts below. See also The Big Gay Speech We Wish Obama Would Give (Huffington Post 10/07/09). And let me know your view.


Some in the community were not impressed.

They felt issues should have been more fully addressed.

They said they’ve heard it all before:

Maybe, but never by a President on the HRC floor.


President Obama acknowledged impatience and discontent

But pledged his support as President.

As Mr. Solmonese suggested, activists shouldn’t grouse:

Gays have never had a stronger ally in the White House.


Remember that more people his speech will hear

Than just the people sitting near.

What he said will help the cause

(Plus he sure did get a lot of applause).

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