Obama’s Been Leadin’

November 29th, 2009

As reported in “Bin Laden was within our grasp” (CNN 11/29/09), a report released today confirms that Osama bin Laden could indeed have been captured in Tora Bora in 2001.


As if we already didn’t have more than we could take,

A new report confirms another Bush Administration mistake.

The report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to be released Monday

Tells how we let Osama bin Laden get away.


Osama was trapped in a Tora Bora cave

Surrounded by American soldiers brave.

They called for reinforcements to cut off his escape route.

And make sure he couldn’t get out.


Osama assumed he’d be captured or killed

(He’d already written out his will).

But the reinforcements were denied, regretably:

They didn’t fit Rumsfeld “light footprint” strategy.


Osama make good his escape to Pakistan,

Wanted, but still a free man.

The Bush Administration started to spin

To downplay the importance of Bin Ladin.


Cheney said they weren’t even sure Osama’d been there,

And so the criticism was completely unfair.

Now we know that Cheney was wrong.

Has the Afghan war gone on 8 years too long?


It’s because of Bush’s mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan

That Obama must now redo our plan

To try to win (or at least not lose) Bush’s wars

And bring our troops home from foreign shores.


Whatever Obama may ultimately decide,

The GOP and Fox News will probably deride.

Obama’s been in office for less than a year,

But that he’s a better leader is painfully clear.

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