Not Risks

May 7th, 2014

Inspired by Study: Climate risks growing (Darryl Fears, Washington Post 5/07/14 page A1).

Washington Post 5-07-14 page A1

Climate change isn’t a “risk.” It’s already happening.


“For a long time, we have perceived climate change as an issue that’s distant, affecting just polar bears or something that matters to our kids. This shows it’s not just in the future; it matters today. Many people are feeling the effects.” — Texas Tech University professor and U.S. climatereport co-author Katharine Hayhoe


The article was spot on, but the title was misguided,

Feeding the fantasies of those who climate science have derided.


A risk is something bad that might happen someday

If things don’t go your way.


Climate change isn’t just a risk that might someday America endanger,

It’s an existing and growing clear and present danger.


The issue now, which Republicans and Fox just don’t get,

Isn’t if climate change exists, it’s how bad it’ll get.


They say the report is “political” and Obama is a liar

Doesn’t change that US temperatures are already more than 1.3 degrees higher.


In Alaska, regardless of what the ex half-gov may think,

Melting permafrost is already causing roads and runways to sink.


Sorry, but these are no longer risks, they’re facts.

The title should’ve said “climate impacts.”


Speaking of Clear and Present Danger, here’s the movie trailer.


PS: Is it a coincidence that The Sum of All Fears is another Tom Clancy/Jack Ryanmovie? I think not, Mr. Fears.

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