Not McChrystal Clear (or, A Rolling Stone Gathers Top Brass)

June 22nd, 2010

Inspired by The Runaway General (Michael Hasting, 6/22/10).

“How can the President keep someone in his job who offers that level of insubordination? Does he plan to fire him?” – AP’s Ben Feller at 6/22/10 1:00 pm press conference
“Let me say first and foremost that there are more than 90 thousand of our bravest men and women in Afghanistan, and what we owe them is nothing short of our full support and our best efforts to get a new strategy in that country right. That’s the President’s focus; that should be everybody’s focus. It was a strategy as you all know that was worked out in long consultation last Fall and last Winter, and the President went around to many of the people that will be in the Situation Room tomorrow asking them if they agree with this direct new strategy and for their commitment to implement it. Again, that’s what we owe the men and women that are fighting each and every day over there. The President will speak with General McChrystal about his comments, and we’ll have more to say after that meeting.” – Press Secretary Robert Gibbs response
“Is McChrystal’s job safe?” — Feller
“We’ll have more to say after that meeting.” — Gibbs

After watching the news

About General McChrystal’s views

I thought reading the article would make me mad,

But when I did I thought it wasn’t really that bad.

By the press conference’s end I had my post part written,

But then I finished the article and was smitten.

It’s hard not to like a hellraiser like Stan,

Who whatever else he is, seems a good man.

RS says he’s like an “older version of Christian Bale in Rescue Dawn,”

In itself not a good enough reason to keep him on.

But was this as the media suggested a MacArthur transgression,

Inimical to the military profession?

(McChrystal also isn’t nearly as famous as MacArthur was,

Which further limits the things he does.)

Yes, maybe VP Joe Bite Me will take offense

And Eikenberry comes across as dense.

McC’s even dissed President Obama,

But is that worth all this drama?

McC isn’t with Obama’s strategy discontented

(Not surprising, since it was mostly by him invented).

He didn’t challenge Obama as Chief Commander,

He just spoke in a reporter’s presence with too much candor.

As my readers know, I’m Mr. Dem MSNBC,

But today, I feel a little differently.

Maybe I’m just not feeling inspired,

But I don’t’ think McChrystal should necessarily be fired.

(If so, then it would have to be in combination with his earlier gaffe,

Not just due to these comments by McC and his staff.

But in spite of all that stuff,

Might a dressing down be enough?)

Of course, there’s always the political angle

(Sometimes hard from reality to disentangle):

Will Obama seem week if he doesn’t take action

Against McChrystal’s supposed infraction?

The broader question (which I’ve asked before)

Is whether anyone can win that war.

Rolling Stone isn’t too hopeful about that,

Since it requires much more than prevailing in combat.

Usually, it’s crystal clear to me what we should do,

But this time it’s not. How about you?

Read the article and decide for yourself

Whether McChrystal should be put on the shelf.


Here’s today’s press briefing.

Here’s President Obama’s statement. To me, his tone at the end suggests that he may not fire McChrystal, but I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out…

Here’s never before released footage of McChrystal aides arguing about whether to trust the Rolling Stone reporter.

Sorry, wrong video. That was actually a clip of Stillwater band members having a similar discussion in Almost Famous about Rolling Stone reporter William Miller (director Cameron Crowe’s alter-ego, modeled after Crowe’s real life experience traveling with Led Zeppelin and other bands he covered as a Rolling Stone reporter). Here’s the clip I meant to show with the folks from Morning Joe discussing the Rolling Stone article and why anyone in their right mind would give a reporter such access (that comes at about the 15” mark). They also make the Almost Famous connection.

And here’s your theme music for today, The Cover Of “Rolling Stone” (from the album Sloppy Seconds) by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show.

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