Not Faceless

August 26th, 2010

Source of GOP (especially Teabagger) discontent,

The government worker is incompetent.

At best, he (or she) is overpaid and lazy

(Or in the case of postal workers, crazy).

At worst, he or she is domineering,

A tyrant actively with your individual rights interfering.

That, anyway, is what Republicans want you to believe

In order to help them their anti-government goals achieve.

For Republicans, the “government bureaucrat” whipping boy,

Is just part of their anti-government ploy.

They cut spending and staffing until government’s over-burdened,

As justification, more government programs to end.

They want to set up the government to fail

So they that failure can bewail.

The government bureaucrat is a convenient scapegoat,

Since for most Americans, he’s faceless and remote.

Cops, firefighters, and teachers are government workers too;

The GOP doesn’t attack them, because people understand what they do.

But other government workers also perform crucial functions,

Even though most don’t understand how the government functions.

They’re only faceless because you’ve never seen their face,

But once you have, they’re a little harder to debase.

So Minority Leader Boehner, when you rail about the bad things government employees do:

Don’t forget that you’re one too.


Here’s Countdown’s 8/26/10 report on Minority Leader Boehner’s attack on government bureaucrats.


Here’s some anti-government employee propaganda from the right-wing Cato Foundation which makes it clear that the attack on government workers is really an attack on government as a whole. Why should the salaries of people living (mostly) in Washington, DC be compared to the average salaries of people throughout the entire country? Because it makes the supposed pay gap seem much worse. When you factor in the higher costs of living in DC and education levels, it turns out government workers are actually paid (on average) 22% less than their private sector counterparts.

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