Not a Game (Except to BP)

July 8th, 2010

Inspired by Keith’s report and commentary below.

It’s day 80 of not stopping the BP oil spill.

Sometimes it looks as if they never will.

BP already turned the spill into a game

For which they came up with a clever name.

In “Offshore Oil Strike,” you too can represent Big Oil

Doing your best, the environment to despoil.

The penalty for a blow-out consists

Of a one million dollar slap on the wrists.

But the bigger shame

Is that Big Oil has long been playing this game,

Making every increasing massive profit

While polluting the world. (Will they every stop it?)

Taking big risks and bigger tax breaks,

Never paying for their mistakes.

(Republicans have worked hard, when push came to shove,

To keep the liability limit comparable to the one described above.)

The GOP has also played politics,

Trying blame for the spill on Obama to affix.

That and their defense of BP show where their priorities are

(A little campaign contribution money goes pretty far).

But unfortunately this is real, not pretend.

And after 80 days, it’s got to end.


Here’s Keith’s 7/06/10 report about continued failure to stop the leak, the billions in subsidies given to BP and other Big Oil companies, and BP’s “Offshore Oil Strike” game.

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One Response to “Not a Game (Except to BP)”

  1. Arnel Says:

    # DingDong Says:August 6th, 2007 at 9:49 pm eNo, victory over you daorcmets who immediately stoop to personal attacks whenever undeniable facts and truth are presented before you. I have never met a democrat who loses gracefully. Only tantrums and name calling. See?You’ve lost your gawddamn mind if you think it’s been your side of the political aisle who has been the ones who HAVE NOT RESORTED TO THREATENING OTHERS, CALLING NAMES, HARASSING WOMEN ALL OVER THE INTERNET, LYING, DECEIVING, AND ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF ASSWIPES EVERY TIME your president or his minions fucks up!The fact that you want victory over Americans is the proof that you hate America. Your party hates freedom. Remember the Patriot Act? Who created this document that gave Bush the right to spy on Americans illegally back then? Was it the daorcmets? Nope. Was it the Independents? Nope. Was it the republicans/neocons? Yes! Were they PNAC neocons? Yes. Was Cheney part of the PNAC? Yes. Is this his American-hating document? Why yes it is!You neocon .supported the Patriot Act. Myself and others have hated it. Why? We love America the way it was before 2000. We don’t want it to become a Banana Republic, but you do. You actively support it and you will be so happy to see Americans being killed like Hitler killed the Jews because that’s how much you hate America.We spit on you.

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