Not a Concession

November 8th, 2012

A follow-up to The Bucket/List, inspired by Speaker Boehner’s proposed solution to the fiscal cliff.


“There is an alternative to going over the fiscal cliff, in whole or in part. It involves making real changes to the financial structure of entitlement programs, and reforming our tax code to curb special-interest loopholes and deductions. By working together and creating a fairer, simpler, cleaner tax code, we can give our country a stronger, healthier economy. A stronger economy means more revenue, which is what the President seeks… The President has called for a ‘balanced’ approach to the deficit – a combination of spending cuts and increased revenues. But a ‘balanced’ approach isn’t balanced if it means higher tax rates on the small businesses that are key to getting our economy moving again and keeping it moving.” – House Speaker John Boehner yesterday


Republicans don’t want the Bush tax cuts to end

For anyone, they pretend.

But they really just care about the upper end:

It’s the billionaires’ interests they defend.


Holding no cards, they feign concession

And claim that they don’t want another recession.

(They hope by 2014,Americans will have forgot

How they caused and prolonged the one we’ve got.)


When their tax cuts are set to expire, Repubs discover

Their love for the middle class, albeit only as cover.

But when push comes to shove,

We see who they really love.


Now, they’re willing to sacrifice the 2nd percent

For the benefit of those they really represent.

A concession my ass:

They’re just selling out the upper middle class.


(That group includes most of the actual small business,

But they’re the ones Repubs are giving the business.

So the group Boehner claims to be protecting

Is the one their proposal is most negatively affecting.)


Most taxpayers and pundits this impact have missed

And still believe what Republicans insist:

“Keeping taxes low for everyone is why we exist.”

(If the 2nd percent figures this out, they’ll be pissed.)


Read The Bucket/List for more about how capping and/or phasing out deductions allocates almost all of the revenue increase’s burden to those who have just made it to the $250K family income threshold, while having an almost nonexistent effect on the top 0.1% whose interests the Republicans are really promoting and protecting. So what appears to be a concession is just throwing someone else off the tax cut lifeboat in order to save themselves. Republicans have already shown they’re more than willing to throw the working and middle class off the lifeboat: now they’re throwing off the upper middle class too. And ironically, the folks in that $250-500K range are the very small business owners Republicans say they care so much about.


Here’s Speaker Boehner’s statement yesterday.


Here’s your theme music, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

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