No You Can’t

March 24th, 2010

Republicans have developed a “can’t do” spirit.

If there’s good news out there, they don’t want to hear it.

That would contradict the right-wing narrative,

Which might the GOP less chance to retake power give.

John McCain ran on the “no you can’t” philosphy

(Watch the video below if you want to see).

That’s natural since saying no is the GOP’s knee-jerk response

(Key to their hoped-for political renaissance).

To say and do the opposite of Obama and the Dems,

Which the GOP unanimously and vociferously condemns.

So “Yes We Can” becomes “No You Can’t”

And everything Obama does is the cue for a GOP rant.

That may be (politically) good for the GOP,

But is it good for the rest of the country?

Do Republicans care? (The evidence is scant.)

Can you say they’re right?

No, you can’t.


Here’s a clever Youtuber’s parody of John McCain’s “No You Can’t standard for this new Republican philosophy, followed by Minority Leader Boehner’s enthusiastic supporting statement.

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