No Say in PA

March 12th, 2012


“The governor said yesterday that Bob Brady should resign as chairman of the Democratic Committee in Philadelphia if he doesn’t get 50% turnout. We want to make sure that they don’t get 50%, keep that down.” — PA Gov. Tom Corbett (before he was elected Gov.)


Pennsylvaniajoins the GOP plot to suppress the Dem vote.

Want a smoking gun? How about the above quote?


Usually, dirty politicians aren’t so outspoken

About election laws which they want to see broken.


I guess PA Republicans don’t really care

About even the pretense of being fair.


Here’s Rev. Al’s update on the GOP’s ongoing effort to suppress the vote, including a video clip of Gov. Corbett’s quote (at the 7”20 mark).

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Visit ACLU-PA for more info about PA voting rights issues, sign the ACLU petition in support of voting rights for all, click here to volunteer with NAACP’s ThisIsMyVote project, and click here to donate to NAACP in support of their voting rights work.

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