No Olympics for Chicago

October 3rd, 2009

Republicans, Fox News, and the rest of the echo chamber are criticizing Obama for having taken the time to go to Copenhagen to try to get the Olympics for Chicago (see video clip below). For some reason I suspect that they would also have criticized him if he hadn’t. For more hypocrisy, click on the tag below.

When the decision was made in Copenhagen

About where to hold the Olympics, Obama went.

Right away Republicans started complaining

About the time and money spent.


He was gone for one whole day,

So important work suffered no delay.

But I thought delay was what you wanted.

So why are you so affronted?


Is criticize the only thing you can do?

No, it didn’t take long for the condemnation to spew–

Except you had to wait until you knew

Which press release to issue.


If he hadn’t gone

And we still hadn’t won

You would have complained

That Obama had abstained.


Damned if you stay,

Damned if you go.

It’s so nice to be

The Party of No.


There’s a particularly disgusting rant starting at 3″20 in which Glenn mocks Michelle Obama, Bolivia, Guatamala, Cameroon, and Micronesia.

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