No Natural Disaster

July 20th, 2012

A follow-up to Another Mass Shooting and Good Morning, Shooters about the twelve people killed in the deadly mass shooting this morning in Aurora, CO.


“There is something we can do. We can offer comfort to someone near us who is suffering or heavy-laden.” – Mitt Romney


Talk of prayers, helping, and banding together is great,

But this is a tragedy we ourselves create.


This isn’t a natural disaster, it’s of our own making

Because we’ve refused, the necessary action taking.


It’s not beyond our control, and it’s no mystery

Why it’s happening more and more in recent history.


It’s not an accident, it’s a choice

In which NRA lobbyists regularly rejoice.


We’ve apparently decided it’s worth a periodic mass shooting

To keep even the slightest regulation from gun rights diluting.


People are dead—it’s not just an abstraction.

When will we finally decide to take action?


So yes, offer comfort, but we also need to do more

So that this kind of tragedy doesn’t happen anymore.


Here’s Romney’s statement about the shooting.

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