No More Quotation Marks

August 12th, 2010

Inspired by Federal Judge Lifts Stay on Prop. 8 Decision, Green Light to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (Peter J. Smith, Free Christian Press 8/12/10).


Sorry Pete, your viewpoint to dispagage,

But now you’re the one that’s trying to redefine marriage.

I understand that your use of quotes

Your belief that gay marriage isn’t “real” denotes.

But since equality in CA is now (again) the law,

Thanks to your side’s case, which was heavily flawed.

So in spite of all your legal machinations,

You’re the one whose definition now requires quotations.

And by the way, I’m Christian too,

And I do not share your narrow “religious” view.

I guess in your view, that makes me a “Christian”

Because I don’t think homosexuality is a sin.

But even if your view of “Christianity” were correct,

You still should the beliefs of others respect.

Your “religious” beliefs (and the majority’s political might)

To curtail others’ freedoms don’t give you the right.

So lets you and I make a deal,

The crux of which I’ll now reveal:

Stop using quotation marks as weapons, and I will too,

And we’ll respect each other’s religious view.

I’ll stop trying to turn you gay

(Who knows—maybe you already are anyway),

And you stop trying people’s rights to remove

Because you of their lifestyle disapprove.

Agree? Good.

After all, Jesus would.

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