No Crown More Glorious (Unfortunately, There’s Little Womb Left for Accomplishments)

May 12th, 2012

Inspired by Three seasons of motherhood (Ann Romney, USA Today 5/09/12) and in recognition of Mothers Day tomorrow: Love and honor your mother, but also honor the accomplishments of non-moms everywhere.


” Women wear many hats in their lives. Daughter, sister, student, breadwinner. But no matter where we are or what we’re doing, one hat that moms never take off is the crown of motherhood. There is no crown more glorious.” — Ann Romney in USA Today


Do you believe what Ann Romney just did,

Dissing ever women who hasn’t birthed a kid?


No matter what you accomplish in the operating, board, or any other room,

Ann suggests that it pales in importance to the fruit of your womb.


It’s true, of course, that most moms sincerely love their posterity

And would sacrifice anything to ensure their health and prosperity.


It’s also true that female achievement has traditionally,

Been limited to childbirth, with little permitted additionally.


Of course, there’s been the occasional historical exception,

Some of whom have received a mixed (or hostile) reception.


Nobel prizes? Marie Curie won two,

But must have been an OK mom, ‘cause her daughter won one too.


Elizabeth the First? She in fact wore an actual crown,

But was at first criticized for not to marriage and childbirth getting around.


And what about unfortunate non-mom Joan of Arc?

What reaction did her accomplishments spark?


Are historical non-moms’ accomplishments any less

Because there wasn’t anyone a Mothers Day card to them to address?


And if reproductive primacy is true for women, then why not for men?

Do we want to return to the days of seed-spewing emotionally absent fathers again?


I for one thought those days had ended,

And as a devoted father, I’m offended.


And as I’m sure all other non-moms would agree,

We all deserve an apology.


(Ann: Just click here to say you’re sorry by Tweet

So you won’t have to your apology millions of times repeat.)


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