No Country for Old Men

May 18th, 2010

Are tonight’s results are harbinger for November? Are incumbents (most of whom are in fact old white men) in trouble?

“This is what democracy looks like. A win for the people, over the establishment, over the status quo, even over Washington, D.C.” – Joe Sestak in his victory speech
“I have a message, a message from the tea party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We’ve come to take our government back.” – Rand Paul in his victory speech
“I’ve been on Fox News once… [Rand Paul is] on all the time.” – Rand Paul’s GOP primary opponent Trey Greyson (In primaries, a bellweather for November, Washington Post 5/18/10)
“People are very angry at whoever’s in charge… So they’re sending a message of ‘no’ for a while. I think tonight the message is, right and left, screw you.” – Chris Matthews on Countdown election night

Tonight was election night,

And all of the parties girded for a fight.

(I say “all” because tonight was less about Repubs versus Dems

Than the incumbents that the activist wing of each party condemns.)

As expected, Trey lost decisively to Rand

(I don’t mind him – it’s his beliefs I can’t stand).

There is however one consolation:

McConnell’s candidate rejected (and him, by implication).

(Trey is actually nine years younger than Rand Paul,

But Rand’s baby-face makes him hardly look like a grown-up at all.

And Trey’s endorsement by the GOP establishment

Made him the “old man” on whom Teabaggers their anger did vent.)

I also get a certain amount of Schadenfreude

That a Republican candidate with Fox News is annoyed.

Trey thinks he’s been treated unfairly–

Compared to Fox treatment of Dems, barely.

(This, Mitch, is how revolutions begin;

In the end, they eat their own children.)

Keith made an interesting point

To console those whom Rand’s victory did disappoint.

The Dems of whom voters allegedly want to get rid

Each got more votes than Rand himself did.

In the evening’s big event, Specter lost to Sestak,

Who subjected his opponent to a withering attack.

I’m not crushed, though I would have preferred Specter,

In spite of the fact that he was a double defector.

(I don’t like Rep. Sestak’s anti-Washington schtick,

And run-against-the-government-you’re-part-of rhetoric.

On the other hand, polls show Sestak doing better against Toomey,

So I guess I can’t be all that gloomy.)

But even before tonight, incumbents were dropping like flies

(Not a good time to be old white guys).

Super-conservative Bob Bennett was the first to go,

And Rep. Alan Mollohan was defeated last week by by Mike Oliverio.

Governor (and Senatorial candidate) Crist

May soon be added to the list.

He was already forced, on his own to go

By Teabagger favorite Mark Rubio.

Old men may be having a hard time

But the lady squeezed through squeaked through (this time).

She still has to do the runoff

To avoid getting from the ballot knocked off.

(Then Lt. Gov. Halter

Will have a second chance to halt her.)

The best news of the night

(Which Dems couldn’t fail to excite)–

Mark Critz beat Tim Burns in the PA special election,

Dispelling rumors of a conservative insurrection.

(Neither is an incumbent, but Burns did try

Critz to the bums in “Washington” to tie.)

The fact that McCain carried that district in 2008

Makes Critz’s victory even more great.

In November, Dems will again be forced, the seat to defend,

But for now Critz’s win breaks the “old men” losing trend

Can we expect this to happen in November again?

If so, this really will be no country for old men.

Hopefully the Dems won’t come out too badly.

Trade a few incumbents to keep our majority? Gladly.


Here’s Chris Matthews’ 5/10/10 report on initial “old man” defeats (kudos for the film reference, which unfortunately is cut off in this clip), 5/12/10 report on the Tea Party and anti-incumbency fervor, and his election night analysis.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Keith’s election night report.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Joe Sestak’s victory speech.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s the trailer from the movie from which this post takes its name. Does Anton (the psychopath killer) represent the Tea Party?

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