Newt’s Marriage Equality

December 21st, 2011

Inspired by Newt’s spirited and heartfelt defense of the institution of marriage.


It turns out Newt is in favor of marriage equality

Of the 1+1+1 variety.


He’s come up with a brilliant solution

To the problem of gay persecution.


For gays to marry will still be a crime,

But all Americans will be allowed to marry an average of at least one time.


Newt’s doing his part, since he’s already on his third marriage,

So he’s offset two weddings for those whose rights he’d as President disparage.


It’ll all average out equally, so it’ll work out in the end,

While still letting Repubs their “traditional” values defend.


That means Newt, Scott, plus one other gay pair

Will all have a total of three marriages. Isn’t that fair?


Here’s Ed’s interview today with Scott Arnold, the gay Iowan who (politely) confronted Newt Gingrich.

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One Response to “Newt’s Marriage Equality”

  1. Deuri Says:

    There are LGBT people who oppsoe gay marriage. If Stonewall set out to promote the the opinions of all LGBT people they’d soon find they had set themselves an impossible task. There are many different strands to LGBT equality and each individual LGBT person puts a different priority on each of them. If stonewall are content to pick up _any_ of these strands and further them then I value their work. Energy can be directed at attacking the establishments and individuals making concerted efforts to ensure no strands are picked up at all. To see this energy direced at attacking an organsiation helping further equalty strands, and not at those directly opposing them, makes me rather sad.

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