Never Forget (Until Yesterday)

July 30th, 2010

Inspired by 9/11 Responder Aid Package Fails In House (Huffington Post 7/29/10) and Anthony Weiner Goes Ballistic At GOP For Killing 9/11 Responders Health Care Bill (Huffington Post 7/30/10).

This latest Republican travesty makes me sick,

Stiffing 9-11 heros because Dems had used a procedural “trick.”

The bill would have provided those hurt on 9-11 with healthcare,

Assumedly something about which all Americans care.

But Republicans mostly voted opposed it

Because of the way Democrats proposed it.

Suspension is just a procedure allowing for expedited approval,

Yet Republicans were willing to kill 9-11 heros to express disapproval.

Suspension’s designed to reduce the procedural shenanigans

That are so commonly practiced by Republicans.

As they’ve done with other bills,

Republicans wanted to load this one up with poison pills.

Suspension kept them from doing that,

So  they responded by booing that.

12 Republicans and all the Dems voted yes,

But the measure failed nonetheless.

That’s because suspension requires a two-thirds majority,

Which the 9-11 heros bill was 21 short of, you see.

As Congressman Weiner said, Republicans are “the Party of No,

And this time they seem to have hit a new low.”

Congressman Weiner, you don’t need to apologize:

You’re right to be angry at Republican intransigence and lies.


Here are Countdown’s and Hardball’s 7/30/10 reports, including great footage of Congressman Weiner’s impassioned speech on the House floor and a follow-up interview with Congressman Weiner.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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