Natural Selection

August 31st, 2010

A follow up to our earlier related pieces, Fake Veterans and Darwinism, inspired by Judge rejects Cuccinelli’s probe of U-Va and A damper on a witch hunt (Washington Post 8/31/10)


“What the Attorney General suspects that Dr. Mann did that was false or fraudulent in obtaining the funds from the Commonwealth is simply not stated.” – VA County Circuit Judge Paul Peeatross Jr. in ruling rejecting Ken Cuccinelli’s attempts to subpoena documents from U-Va to “prove” his suspictions that Dr. Michael Mann falsified climate change data in order to obtain research grants

Ken Cuccinelli’s latest legal crusade isn’t going as planned:

A Virginia judge has dismissed his civil subpoena investigative demand.

One doesn’t need facts, evidence, or detail to convince the pliant right wing mass,

But try that same approach in a court of law and you look like an ass.

Like the gay threat to marriage, Birtherism, and other theories right wingers support,

Climate change fraud conspiracy theory doesn’t hold up in court.

As I’ve discussed before, the far right lives in its own closeted universe

In which questioning of dogma and assumptions is adverse.

Introspection, analysis, and verification are non-existent or lax.

As a result, right wingers don’t learn how to debate with actual facts.

So when they venture out into the real world

With their extremist banner proudly unfurled,

Pointed questions and challenges cause them dismay:

They’re surprised when people don’t automatically accept what they say.

Because of painful experiences of this manner,

They often try to hide that extremist banner.

But sometimes, the banner still peeks out,

And they can’t help themselves, nonsense to spout.

In the old days, when reporters annoyed them,

Politicians still couldn’t just run away or avoid them.

Now, the blogosquare and Fox News

Make it easier for right wing politicians to sustain their extremist views.

But the place where this tactic doesn’t (yet) work to right-winger satisfaction

Is when they’re forced to go to court to take action.

Yes, right wingers sometimes can trick the court of public opinion,

But in this case, not the judge (even though he’s a fellow Virginian).

Undaunted, Kenny says he’s going to keep on trying

In his climate change judicial denying.

He’ll keep on wasting time and VA taxpayer dollars

In attacking those damned climate change scholars.

(Since he and I obviously disagree

Will he next try to sue me?)

Kenny, your ideas may flourish in the Tea Party ecosystem,

But not so much in the court system.

There, they’ll be naturally selected out of existence,

In spite of your ideologically motivated insistence.

I hope that when it’s time for the next election

You’ll also be subject to more popular inspection.

Virginians will realize you’ve taken them in the wrong direction

And will subject your political career to natural selection.

But I guess natural selection’s yet something else you oppose.

Maybe you can sue U-Va’s biology department next, their fraud to expose.

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