Natural Born American

June 14th, 2010

Inspired by Sarah Palin responds to ‘Boobgate’: Tea Party star says she didn’t have breast-enlargement surgery (Daily News 6/12/10), Asked and answered (Media Notes, Washington Post 6/14/10), The Week We Talked About Sarah Palin’s… (Village Voice 6/14/10), and Sarah Palin’s Assets (Huffington Post 6/14/10).


“Boobgate is all over the internet right now because there are a lot of I guess bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talk about… No, I have not had implants.” – Sarah Palin in 6/11/10 interview by Greta Van Susteren

I guess I’m one of those bloggers with nothing better to talk about,

Though I didn’t even hear about it until Greta called Sarah out.

But since Sarah brought up “Boobgate” I just can’t resist

My poetry in the cause of truth to enlist.

Greta and Sarah had an interesting exchange,

Which for the “most trusted name in news” was a little strange.

(Who said conservative guests on Fox News

Don’t get challenged in interviews?)

Greta asked Sarah about something usually not discussed,

But at heart, the issue is really all about trust.

Yes, boobs are an American obsession,

And larger ones tend to make a bigger impression.

But Real Americans prefer our leaders natural born,

And associate breast augmentation with celebrities and porn.

We forgive our leaders when they make mistakes,

But we don’t forgive them if we think they’re fakes.

There’s only one way to lay this debate to rest

And allow America to get the issue off its chest:

Make the originals available for independent inspection

(In the interest of truth, I’m sure Todd will have no objection).

Some would say this is going too far,

But shouldn’t all public figures have to prove conclusively who and what they are?


Here’s the “Boobgate” interview.

Not that Sarah herself would ever trumpet her own “assets” (on the other hand, it does look like she finally got that career in broadcasting she wanted).


And here’s your theme music for today, My Boobs are OK by Lene Alexandra.

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