My Worst Video

February 16th, 2010

I did this video during the 2008 Presidential campaign. I was trying to explain the differences between McCain’s and Obama’s tax policies, and ended up with a lot of boring text instead of punchy images (by comparison, see one of my other political videos in my post “Eight is Enough” – much punchier, and as a result, much more popular).

In spite of it’s dryness, I think the video’s main message is still valid today, if not more so, given that (1) Obama has made good on his tax cut pledge and done exactly what he said he would do (although it’s interesting that only 12% of the American people think they’ve gotten a tax cut, when actually 95% have—more evidence of GOP/Fox misinformation), and (2) in spite of their defeat in 2008 and the Great GOP Recession of 2008-2010 (and beyond?), the GOP continues to push the same old party line about cutting taxes.

Even though the video is (I admit) painfully dry, I still have a fond place in my heart for it. It does have a few good image sequences in there, and as I think you’ll agree, the music is great. And since I know it’s hard to get through the big blocks of text while the pages are going by and the music’s playing, attached below is the full text. Maybe that will make it a little easier to absorb some of the information for those who are so inclined.

So is it that bad? Please comment below and let me know what you think. Oh, and I almost forgot – I guess I need to add at least a little bit of political poetry here to keep up pretenses.


Like the old saying goes:

To the man who just has a hammer,

Every problem looks like a nail.

But for screwing in screws or doing other jobs,

A hammer is of little avail.


Republicans want to cut taxes–

That’s their answer for everything.

But the problem with just cutting taxes

Is that it doesn’t solve anything.


I have to say, when Reagan did it

It made more sense (there, I admit it).

Top marginal rates were much higher back then,

But you can’t just keep cutting taxes again and again.


It’s kind of like a low-calorie diet

(Republicans, I encourage you to try it).

If you consumer 5,000  calories per day

You’re packing a lot of food away.


If you cut that caloric intake in half,

You’ll be much better off (see the graph).

But if you try to get rid of the second 2,500

Then you’ll from starvation end up dead.


Similarly, excessive taxes for the country are bad

(And they tend to make taxpayers pretty damn mad).

Cutting to a reasonable level makes everything better,

But too much kills the public sector (and/or makes the country a debtor).


Actually, it often seems to be Republicans’ goal

To dig an ever deeper budget deficit hole.

Their mantra is to “starve the beast”

(Except for GOP special interests that on it feast).


But cutting spending down past the bones

(Or almost as bad, funding it with foreign loans)

Leaves the country in a real bad position,

Like an in-debt dieter suffering from severe malnutrition.


That’s exactly what Republicans have done

Continuously ever since Reagan begun.

US taxes are among the lowest in the developed world,

But still the GOP marches on, it’s anti-tax banners unfurled.


Why they do so is actually easy to see

When you realize they’re not out to help you or me.

They’re out to benefit their wealthy base

Who unending tax cuts continue to embrace.


What amazes me is how they manage

To get so many regular Joes to vote to their own disadvantage.

Even “Joe the Plumber” had to admit

That he himself from Obama’s tax cut would benefit.


How does the GOP do it?

There’s really nothing to it.

They get people riled up with fear and hate

Of the homo-socio-fascist agenda Dems want to dictate.


That didn’t work for them in 2008

Because of the Great Recession that GOP policies create.

Let’s pray it doesn’t work in 2010,

Or we’ll be back to those same discredited policies again.









Here’s the video (text from the video is attached below).

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Here’s George Bush talking about his wealthy base.

Country (Club) First


Why Barack Obama Should Be President


*** McCain versus Bush ***

John McCain is a decent man who has served his country well. He’d make a great Secretary of Defense, State, or Veterans Affairs (maybe a President Obama will even appoint him to one of those positions). He would have made a much better President than George Bush, so it’s too bad that Karl Rove’s smears and underhanded campaign tricks allowed Bush to beat McCain in the Republican Party Primary in 2000.

Though McCain has voted in support of George Bush over 90% of the time, he has made criticism of Bush’s policies a central part of his campaign. If McCain was as opposed to Bush’s policies as he now says, why didn’t he run against Bush again in 2004? If he had, and won, I have no doubt that the US would be in much better shape than it is now.

As McCain himself has admitted, economic policy is not his strong suit, and it shows. Though McCain previously criticized George Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, he now has signed on to the Republicanite Party Doctrine that tax cuts solve every problem. Or, at least they pretend it does. But this recycled Supply Side Trickle Down economic theory won’t work any better under a President McCain than it worked under Reagan, George Bush I, or George Bush II (for the economy that is; for the wealthy it works just fine).

In fact, tax cuts for the wealthy are an economic disaster. George Bush II inherited a budget surplus and robustly growing economy from (Democratic) President Clinton, and the first thing he did was cut taxes (with most of those cuts going to the very rich) and enact big money giveaways for his corporate supporters. Where did that get us? Bush and the Republicanite Congress governed so inefficiently that the greatest government spending increases in history were frittered away into economic nothingness.

Eight years later, the economy is heading into deep recession (maybe even another Great Depression), public infrastructure (bridges, roads, etc.) is in ruins, and the National Debt has doubled from about $5 trillion when Bush took office to $10 trillion now. That means that GBII has saddled the country with more debt than all the rest of our Presidents combined in all the rest of our history. Quite an accomplishment: $5,000,000,000,000 (12 zeros) in increased debt. That’s about $20,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country.

*** Who’s Raising Taxes? ***

McCain and the rest of the Republicanite Party say that “Barack Obama wants to increase your taxes.” Not true. Actually, all Obama wants to do is not extend the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy.

Tax increase? If you want to blame anyone, blame the Republicanites. They are the ones increasing everyone’s taxes, because they proposed only temporary tax cuts. If they wanted them to be permanent, why didn’t they make them permanent from the start? Why did the Republicanites vote to raise everyone’s taxes by making them expire?

Obama will actually cut taxes for almost all Americans, with no one making under $250K/year paying one extra cent in taxes. So, Joe the Plumber (who according to his public interviews doesn’t yet make over $250K) will see his taxes go down under Obama. And most of the folks making above $250K won’t see their taxes go up much and might even see them go down if they just take advantage of tax incentives which Obama has proposed to address important national issues like energy efficiency. So trade in your gas guzzling Hummer with it’s jewel-encrusted wheels (one example of what the very wealthy used their GBII tax cut money for) for a fuel-efficient Prius: good for you, good for the environment, and good for the Country.

On the other hand, the very, very rich will see their taxes increase under a President Obama when their “temporary” tax cuts aren’t extended, though they’ll still be lower then they were under GBI and Ronald Reagan (two other notorious “Tax-and-Spend Liberals”). “Redistribution!” cry the Republicanites. No, it’s not. Redistribution is when you take one person’s money and give it to another. We’ve got an enormous budget deficit, which means that we aren’t coming close to paying for the services that the American People (or, in the Republicanite case, the special interests) ask for. So it’s not redistribution, it’s just deciding who pays for government services. And asking the wealthy to pay more (because they can and the poor can’t) has been a basic tenet of American Democracy since taxes were invented. That’s American Democracy, not “Socialism” (gasp). 

How about the Republicanite claim that the wealthy can get their tax cut without further destroying the country because they’ll cut spending. Reagan, GBI, and GBII all said they wanted to cut spending, but none of them ever did. Usually, they’d then try to blame their failure to cut spending on Democrats in Congress, but under GBII that argument falls apart because the Republicanites controlled Congress for six of Bush’s eight years, when most of Bush’s deficit spending took place. George Bush didn’t submit one balanced budget to either the Republicanite or Democratic-controlled Congress and finally stopped even pretending to cut spending, so how can Republicanites now claim that they’re not just going to continue their profligate “Borrow-and-Spend” ways (even more damaging to the country than “Tax-and-Spend”)? And the pork-barrel project cuts (just a few percent of the budget) and spending freeze that John McCain has proposed don’t even come close to eliminating the budget deficit, making his Tax Cut for the Wealthy borrowed money, and in reality a massive tax increase for our children and grandchildren.

Is that “Country First”? It sounds more to me like “Me First” for the very rich, saddling our Country with even more debt so that they can pay even less taxes than they already do, even though marginal tax rates now are at a historic low. But hey, the very rich need that extra money for Country Club dues, right? After all, you need somewhere nice to go when the rest of the country falls apart.

True, nobody wants to pay taxes, but you can’t always get what you want. And somebody has to pay them in order for government to provide people with what they want and need.

“Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.” —  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

“Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.” – Huey Long.

*** What is a “Republicanite”? ***

I say “Republicanite” instead of “Republican” because I’m afraid that the Republican Party of old no longer exists. The old Republican Party heralded fiscal responsibility and small but effective government. The new “Me First” Republicanite party, having purged itself of moderate remnants (McCain himself was so disgusted in 2000 that he almost left the Party and became a Democrat), instead supports cutting taxes for the rich, and then giving what little is left in the budget to the Party’s corporate cronies in the form of government give-aways, e.g., oil and gas industry tax breaks, prohibiting Medicare from trying to get lower prices from big pharmaceutical companies, or just good old corruption (Duke Cunningham, Ted Stevens, etc.).

And THAT, my friends, is why all Real Americans, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans (but not Republicanites – they’re a lost cause) should elect Barack Obama as President on November 4.

Vote. Vote Democrat. Vote Obama.

I’m a Real American, and I approved this message.

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