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January 25th, 2010

Gay Blog Award    

Inspired by

     I guess I might as well come out of the closet and say

My blog might be a little bit gay.

If you check out the tag cloud on the right sidebar,

You’ll see that gay political themes are the most common by far.

     Some might say my other poetry is gay too,

Which I like to think is also true.

The gays I know are sensitive and intelligent

So I take that as a compliment.

     That’s why I’m honored to be included

In the website to which I earlier alluded.

I consider myself in good company

With any list that includes Gay Rights Watch and HRC.

     As I’ve mentioned before, I myself am hetero

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that, you know),

But I’ve got friends and family who are gay,

And even if I didn’t, I’d support gay rights anyway.

     As I’ve tried to express myself (it’s harder in rhyme),

I think marriage equality is one of the great issues of our time.

Developing public opinion and history are in our favor:

Soon marriage rights will be equal, whatever the flavor.

     And in a (hopefully) few years when the majority/minority views have transposed,

It will be hard to find anyone who admits they were once opposed.


Here’s an outtake from that famous Seinfeld episode.


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