My $625K

December 7th, 2012

To my fellow 0.1% Job Creators: tweet the hashtag #My625K to tell @BarackObama what you’ll do if he takes away your average $625K bonus tax break.


“Call your members of Congress. Write them an email. Tweet it using the hashtag #My2K.” —President Obama on Nov. 28


Fellow Job Creators, we must fight back

Against the Kenyan Comrade’s communist attack.


He rallies his Red Guard under his wealth redistribution flag

With his new “#My2K” Twitter hashtag.


We too must use the Twitter machine

To forcefully in this “debate” intervene.


And so to arms: Tell them how their lack of respect makes us feel,

And let the Twitter our economic and political power reveal.


Show them all the things America will forsake

If they take away our $625K bonus tax break.


(Of course some of us would save much more

That’s what we pay to elect Republicans for.

Obama counters he won’t take away

Our tax break on the first $250K.

But that measly $7,523 maximum tax break

Isn’t enough, Job Creators happy to make.

For the “average” point-one-percenter,

It’s that bonus $625K on which we center.)


Oh, how the hoi polloi whines and hollers

When we threaten to take away their paltry two thousand dollars.


To see them fret and fume is almost funny,

Since they don’t even deserve that money.


Unlike all those lower class slobs,

We deserve OUR tax break for creating their jobs.


And yet they attack us, those plebian haters,

We the Sainted Job Creators.


Of course we haven’t been creating many jobs lately,

Because the 99% haven’t been treating us greatly.


How dare they criticize our success and wealth,

While demanding we pay for their handouts of food stamps and health!


So don’t stand for it, fellow Point-Oners, rise up,

And tell them what you’ll do if your tax rates go up!


Here’s the President’s11/28/12 speech calling for extension of middle class tax cuts and announcing the #My2K hashtag.

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