Move Over Little Dog (or, The New Adventures of Old Christine)

November 12th, 2010

Inspired by Christine O’Donnell’s appearance Wednesday night on the Tonight Show.

You say you’d do a watchdog reality show?

Sorry, Christine, but I just don’t know.

I can see you as one of those shrill little dogs always whining and yelping

Who somehow gets the idea that she’s guarding and helping.

That’s the kind of dog I’ve always hated.

(They also become incontinent when agitated.)

For you, reality shows are better off skipped

(You always do better when you stay on script).

And as you’ve already shown anyway,

Reality is not your forté.

So, little dog, move it on over–

Your 15 minutes of fame are over.


Here’s your theme music, Move It On Over (by Hank Williams, but I like the George Thorogood version better).


Here’s Christine on the Tonight Show.

Sorry, wrong video clip, but you can see why it’s such an easy mistake to make. Here’s the interview. Note that Christine also says that she used to be a liberal. In Tea Party parlance, that’s the political equivalent of being a Born Again Christian, since it’s always the converts/saved that are the most committed to their newfound beliefs. In my view, it just indicates the knee-jerk nature of both her past and present political beliefs.

Here’s a collection of bloopers from Christine O’Donnell’s campagn.

Sorry, wrong video clip again: here’s the collection of Christine’s bloopers, courtesy of the Young Turks. The other clip was a blooper reel from the series which (partially) inspired our title, about another Christine given a second chance in life. Of course, that show was later cancelled. Stay tuned for what happens to the Christine O’Donnell Show…

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