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May 18th, 2010

Inspired by BP attempts ‘riser insertion,’ but fails to contain oil spill in Gulf of Mexico (Washington Post 5/16/10), BP succeeds in second attempt at inserting tube in damaged oil pipe ( 5/16/10), BP inserts tube, diverts some oil (Washington Post 5/17/10), Gulf Oil Rig Spill: Where Things Stand Now (CNBC 5/18/10 1:11 pm).

After a failed first attempt (stressful),

The tube’s second try has been (partially) successful.

As this Post article detailed,

The first try to stick it in failed.

The second try also didn’t hit the mark

(I guess it’s hard to do it in the dark).

(They apparently did get it in,

But it fell out again.)

The third try succeeded

And the oil leak receded.

But sorry the back-slapping to spoil,

But the tube isn’t getting that much oil.

The tube is capturing 2000 barrels per day,

But that may be just 2.5% of what’s leaking away.

(BP is still using the 5000 barrels per day total leak figure,

Based on which the leak’s down 40% – a more optimistic figure.)

Now BP says it will take at least 10 days to bring the leak under control.

(It’ll take a lot longer to make the ecosystem whole).

And if that result is further deferred?

Either way, it looks like BP will set that new record.


Here’s your theme music, Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor (from the album Eargasm), set to a video clip from NewsAnimationHD and new leak footage. The leak at the beginning is pre-tube video, and the leak at the end is post-tube (doesn’t seem that different to me). Also checks out Stick It In, Pull It Out by John T.


Here’s AP’s 5/16/10 report about the tube insertion.

Here are Countdown’s 5/17/10 “straw in the swimming pool” and 5/18/10 “oil rigged” reports. Unfortunately, the straw seems to be picking up just a small portion of the oil.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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