Mothers, and Other Women

May 13th, 2012

A follow-up to No Crown More Glorious in honor of today’s holiday, a tribute to mothers, but not just for being mothers…


A woman is more

Than a womb with legs

And repository for

Not yet fertilized eggs.


She’s more than mystical plumbing

That somehow gives life.

She’s more than a mother.

She’s more than a  wife.


She’s not just the fertile soil

Where you plant your seed.

She’s put on earth

To do more than breed.


Please don’t let me

Be misunderstood:

I don’t mean to diss



Having and raising kids

Is incredibly important to do,

And that applies equally

To fathers too.


But that’s just one part

Of a multi-faceted whole,

It’s not a woman’s

Unique or only role.


So on this day

Where we honor our Moms

And publish poetic

And heartfelt psalms,


Let’s honor those mothers

And give them the esteem they’ve earned,

Remembering what we

From our own mothers learned:


Ever woman

Deserves respect,

Especially from

Those we elect.


Here’s your theme music, More Than a Woman, by the Bee Gees (the video clip is from Saturday Night Fever).

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