More Game of Thrones Predictions

May 3rd, 2016

Another prediction about Jon Snow and some other characters. Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Season 6 Episode 2 yet, this post will reveal some of what happens in and before it. If you are caught up, read on…unless you don’t want to know what might happen next. What follows are not spoilers, since I have no inside knowledge of what’s going to happen next. These are merely predictions based on plot analysis. The may be right, or they may be wrong. Either way, I think they’re plausible, and I’d say likely, given the various hints that have been made.


When will Jon Snow end up at Danny’s side?

Will he be given one of the dragons to ride?


(First he’s got to leave Castle Black

So he can lead the Winterfell attack.)


Will Tyrion too be a dragon rider?

Or, will he just end up inside her?


A few more Game of Thrones predictions.

I think Jon Snow is going to end up as one of the dragon-riders, along with Danyris and possibly Tyrion. I wouldn’t have put Tyrion on that list before, but after he talked to the dragons in S6E2, I think there’s a chance it’ll happen; wouldn’t that be cool?

I also think it’s likely that Jon is going to leave the Night Watch now. How will he justify that, given how honorable he is? Because Jon’s reborn self is not bound by his old self’s oath. Also, many of the brothers are still angry at him for letting the wildings through, so they don’t want him to stay. Finally, in her vision, Melisandra saw him standing on the battlements of Winterfell, so the only way for that to happen is if he leaves.

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