Moral Wrongs and Civil Rights

August 16th, 2010

Inspired by the picture in Prop 8 Backers: Gay Marriages Would ‘Harm The State’s Interest In Promoting Responsible Procreation’ (Huffington Post 8/16/10).

A moral wrong can’t be a civil right:

The sign carrier actually got it right.

But before readers jump to the wrong conclusion,

My view on marriage is one of inclusion.

Contrary to the assertions of Prop 8 promoters,

A majority of CA voters

Are in favor of marriage equality.

If they thought it were wrong, they wouldn’t be.

Now the federal court

The same view does support.

Hence your tautology

Argues for marriage equality.

So, Mr. Prop Eight, I agree:

Since marriage is an individual liberty,

Then gay marriage can’t be morally wrong.

Now, please go back to Utah where you belong.

Or, you can stay

In the state of CA,

As long as you’ve accepted

That gays in their marriage rights



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