Moderate Nazis?

August 2nd, 2011

Berlin, 2 August 1934: The Nazi Party’s moderate wing today announced the concession that for now, only half of the Jews in Europe would be exterminated… 


“We must be reasonable and compromise.” – anonymous moderate Nazi (he asked to remain unidentified so as not to alienate his more hard-core supporters)


“We will not compromise on our bedrock beliefs, as this proposed deal does. Not only does it not kill all Jews, but most of those killed aren’t even killed in the first year, and the calculation of total Jews killed is overestimated. How can we be sure that those Jews will finally be killed? I therefore demand that all true Nazi Party Patriots vote against the bill calling for only half of the Jews to be killed.” – Nazi Party Patriots founder Markus Mecklerhof press release


The line between “moderate” and “extreme” have become increasingly blurred–

What passes for “moderate” these days is absurd.


Teabaggers, all of your supposed compromise

Is just continued extremism in concessions’ guise.


It’s not a concession if you remain willing to do the unthinkable.

Causing a little less harm doesn’t make the Kool-Aid any more drinkable.


As long as you continue your extremist counter-revolution,

It doesn’t make you “moderate” to postpone your Final Solution.


Here’s Sen. Rand Paul on CNN talking about all the compromises he and his fellow Tea Partiers have made. Read The Purpose-Driven Lie for more World War II and modern era examples of tactical concessions in service of an extreme agenda. Read my earlier debt deal proposal for an example of what a real compromise might look like.


After declaring that anyone who voted for the debt deal would be primaried, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler (I wonder if he’s any relation to Herr Mecklerhof) made a similar point in an interview with the leading German (coincidence?) magazine Der Spiegel:

“The compromises that we have witnessed on debt have taken our country to the brink of financial collapse. Currently, the American government is spending 44 cents of each dollar on interest payments. We have compromised our way into disaster. None of the budget plans proposed have real cuts in them — only promises to cut. The reality is that legally one Congress cannot bind the future Congress to cut, so these promises are actually a lie. We need real and immediate cuts.”


Finally and most disturbing, here are ur-cooks Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche saying that Obama will become Führer of America today because of the debt deal’s passage, just like Hitler became Führer of Germany on August 2, 1934 (apparently, there’s a secret clause in the law giving Obama dictatorial powers). The real scary thing is the number of people that believe this crap.


And by the way, I’m not saying that Mark Meckler or other Tea Partiers are Nazis (though some of them may be, since Tea Party organizations have still refused to denounce affiliated white power groups), or to equate the debt deal cuts (which Tea Partiers rejected as much too small) or Tea Party plans for even more draconian cuts under their so-called balanced budget amendment (it would be accurately described as the Constitutional enshrinement of their no-government, no-taxes policy) with the Holocaust. My point is that making a meaningless concession from an absurd and immoral starting point is not really conceding anything. Plus, I thought the analogy was appropriate, given the 77th annivesary today of Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers in Germany.



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