Mitt’s Spoon

April 19th, 2012

Inspired by the President’s silver spoon comment and Mitt Romney’s reaction to it.


” I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Michele wasn’t. But somebody gave us a chance.” — President Obama yesterday in Ohio


“I’m certainly not gonna apologize for my dad and his success in life….but I know the President likes to attack fellow Americans. He’s always looking for a scapegoat, particularly those that have been successful like my dad. ” — Mitt Romney on Fox News this morning


For someone who made hundreds of millions at Bain Consulting,

The idea that Mitt Romney’s spoon is silver is insulting.


It’s insolent to suggest a hedge fund tycoon

Would have a lowly silver spoon.


How pedestrian, how nouveau riche–

Give the signal, outrage to unleash!


The real reason Romney the silver spoon comment condemns?

Mitt’s spoon was solid gold, encrusted with gems.


Here’s Now’s 4/19/12 report.

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Here’s your theme music, the theme song from the 1982 sitcom Silver Spoons (that’s NYPD Blue’s Rick Schroder as a little kid).

Speaking of silver spoons, here are a few more relevant songs. And if a gem-encrusted gold spoon isn’t enough for your baby, then check out this diamond-encrusted pacifier for only $17K. If Mitt’s elected, you one-percenters out there will be able to buy 10 of them, and still have plenty of tax cut money left over. 


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