Mitt’s Bain Experience DOES Qualify Him to be a (Republican) President

May 26th, 2012

A follow-up to Qualified, inspired by the debate about whether Romney’s experience at Bain qualifies him to be President.


Mitt Romney’s business plan at Bain: Load companies up with debt in order to allow his investors to cash out.


Mitt Romney’s plan forAmerica: Load country up with debt in order to allow his investors (aka, campaign contributors) to cash out.


Does Romney’s Bain experience make him qualified?

Yes, as long as that statement is qualified.

It turns out his experience at Bain is perfect preparation

For the important job of leading our nation.


(That is assuming

That the Bush policy resuming

Of loading the country with debt

In order to let

The wealthy cash out

Is what being Pres is about.)


Here’s the President’s discussion at the NATO press conference about whether Romney’s Bain experience qualifies him to be President. Obama’s answer may have sounded good, but it was technically wrong. Creating wealth for his investors (aka campaign contributors) may not be what a President is supposed to do, but it IS what a Republican President does.

Here’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s 5/26/12 panel discussion of whether Romney’s private sector experience qualifies him to be President.

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