Mitt Romney, Turn-Around Artist

March 3rd, 2012

Inspired by Mitt’s plan to turn the economy around.


“The country needs a new leader with the experience and ideas to change America’s course for the better. Mitt Romney is that leader. He’s accomplished turnarounds his entire professional life – as a business leader, with the Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts.” — Romney website


Mitt Romney wants to turn the economy around

By bringing back the policies that drove it into the ground.


Just like back when he ran Bain,

Mitt will manage the economy for the wealthy’s gain.

(Who cares if it causes the people who lose their jobs pain.)


If cutting regulations and taxes are so great,

How does Romney explain the Great Bush Recession of 2008?


And how will repeating Bush policies work better this time?

(Mitt’s motto: No middle-class child left a dime.)


Mitt’s answer seems to be he’ll do it better, and more

Than Bush and his Republican Congress did before.


Sorry, Mitt, but your policies would  takeAmericain reverse:

You turn-around would just be a turn for the worse.


Here’s MHP’s panel discussion this morning. Melissa also talks about how Romney’s claim that he’ll do everything better than Obama, then talks about Ohio, the auto industry rescue and Mitt-as-turnaround-artist in the second half of the clip.

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Here’s your theme music, Turn Turn Turn by The Byrds.

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