Mitt Romney, Tea Party Tactician

August 18th, 2011

Inspired by Meet Mitt 9.0: Now Romney says he’s ‘in sync with the tea party’ (Daily Kos 8/17/11) and A loveless GOP affair (E.J.Dionne,Washington Post8/18/11).

“What I consider myself is someone who is in sync with the Tea Party.” – Mitt Romney (completely justifiably, in my view, given his record at Bain)

“I don’t think the country is looking for somebody to be a buyout specialist” — chief Perry strategist David Carney (the country might not be, but the Tea Party sure was)


Tea Party criticisms of Romney haven’t been fair,

Since he inspired more than Obamacare.


Mitt inspired the Tea Party’s strategy,

Letting them reach their current apogee.


He invented their tactics and should be a hero,

Rather than a Tea Party zero.


Tea Partiers, you shouldn’t complain—

Mitt proved his Tea Party mettle when he was at Bain.


You may not like him, but he showed you the way

To do precisely what you’re doing today.


Mitt Romney has been criticized by many on the Republican Right as not Tea Party enough. In fact, he’s the Tea Party’s embodiment, strategically.

At Bain, Romney was a takeover specialist who bought up small but controlling shares in ailing companies, then cut jobs to the bone to improve company balance sheets… but more importantly, line his and his cronies’ pockets.

That’s exactly what the Tea Party has done with its own takeover. With a small share of our ailing political system (13.8% percent of one of three branches), it has managed to take control of both the GOP and of national policy. It has used that control to push policies that kill jobs nationwide, allegedly to improve the county’s balance sheet, but more importantly, to line Tea Party politicians’ and their millionaire/billionaire cronies’ own pockets.

Mitt Romney was doing that long before there even was a Tea Party.


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