Mitt Romney Puts His Pants On

December 20th, 2011

A follow-up to Middle Class Mitt, inspired by Mitt’s attempts to come across like a regular guy.

“I put my pants on just like everyone else–by having my personal tailor sew the parts together onto my lower body every morning. That is how everyone else does it, isn’t it?” — Mitt Romney (paraphrased)


Mitt Romney is a regular guy just like me and you

He has his pants sewn on one leg at a time too.


Of course he never wears the same pair twice

(“Used” pairs of pants just don’t look as nice).


How can Mitt’s opponents portray him as out of touch

When he’s just like the rest of us, pretty much?


He joked about being unemployed because he personally felt that pain,

Vicariously when firing people while he was at Bain.


Mitt still earns millions in deferred pay from time he on Wall Street spent,

On which he’s paying the regular-guy tax rate of 15 percent.


Why, Mitt’s net worth is the same as millions of regular folk

(Added all together, that is, since most regular people are broke).


So all you elitist doubters, as you can plainly see:

How much more of a regular guy could Middle Class Mitt be?


Here’s Ed’s 12/19/11 “Middle Class Mitt” report. But you were wrong about one thing, Ed: For thousands of the people whose lives Mitt Romney touched during his years at Bain, Mitt didn’t look like the person who fired you. He WAS the person wo fired you.

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Now’s panel discussion today on Mitt’s humanity included a brief discussion of how he puts his pants on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the clip (if you can, leave the link in a comment and I’ll add it).

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