Mitt Cares About You (but do you know why?)

June 13th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s new series of commercials featuring people suffering from the bad economy. 


Does Romney care that you’re unemployed?

Yes, he does–he’s overjoyed.


Does Romney care that your 401K has tanked?

Yes, and has his good luck repeatedly thanked.


Does Romney care that your home’s value has crashed?

Yes–that’s given something else with which he Obama has bashed.


Yes, Mitt cares deeply that the economy’s bad,

Because his only chance to be Pres is if you’re mad.


Mitt cares deeply that you’re disaffected,

Because that’s his only chance to get elected.


Here are Mitt’s new commercials about suffering Americans. Of course, it’s the GOP that both created the economic disaster these people are suffering from and has obstructed the President’s attempts to help them. And Mitt’s policies would only make things worse.

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