June 15th, 2012

Inspired by the President’s action today to stop DREAM Act kids from being deported. 


“Put yourself in their shoes.” — President Obama today in the Rose Garden
“Dream no small dream.” – Victor Hugo




Republicans have blocked their own proposal, the DREAM Act,

So the President has chosen, on his own to act.


He’s using his authority to stop deporting “illegal” kids who grew up here,

Making his immigration enforcement a lot less “severe.”


The beauty is that this takes immediate effect

But does not preclude further reforms current law to correct.


That means that DREAM Act kids won’t be deported while they’re waiting,

Which if you’re one of those kids is pretty grating.


DREAM Act opponents’ arguments have a major logicalflaw:

The fact is that DREAMers have never themselves broken the law.


Why should they suffer because of their parents’ sin?

Is that the kind of country we want to live in?


Victor Hugo was right that we shouldn’t dream small,

But achieving part of your DREAM is better than nothing at all.


A band-aid may not be a long term solution, but it stops the bleeding.

Thank you, Mr. President, for interceding.


Here’s Now’s 6/15/12 panel discussion soon after the announcement while waiting for the President to appear.

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Here’s the President’s just-concluded Rose Garden speech.

Here’s your theme music, Dream a Little Dream of Me by the great Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

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